Wacky del Rosario, the Pocket Rocket

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She is a beauty who has drawn herself into sports. With her good looks and sweet personality, it is hard to believe that Christina del Rosario engages actively in what can be considered as extreme sports originally meant for men. Today, her list includes motocross, jetskiing, trail riding, boxing, kickboxing, cross-country running, and weight training. And she is all set to dabble in skydiving soon.

Wacky, as her friends call her, views life as an adventure. But she wants to become good at it. "I just wanna make the best of myself in all the fields I'm in, and whatever else I'll be getting into in the near future," she says.

The 21-year-old athlete, known on the racetrack as "Pocket Rocket", has done enough to carve her niche in the male-dominated territory. Just recently, Wacky and her brother Paul became the first Filipino finalists in the 2000 Skat Trak World Jet Ski Finals in Laka Havasu, Arizona. She was ranked 1st and 4th in the two categories she joined at the 1200 Women's Limited in the World Jet Sports in the U.S.

Early this year, Wacky, the lone female rider in the Batangas Racing circuit, won two first places and a third place in three categories of the Planet Speed Shell Advance Superbike Series. She achieved this despite competing only in her first year and riding on a smaller Yamaha R6.

When asked what attracted her to bikes, she says: "Real action." She calls the experience totally indescribable. "It's not the speed. Anyone can hit 300 kph on a straightway. It's the challenge of dealing with the curves, learning to kinda slow down to make everything go real sweet," she says.

Wacky considers her dad her biggest inspiration in life. When it comes to racing, she looks up to fellow Filipino Angelo Barretto who won the European Touring Car Championship early this year. "(He is) so far the greatest Filipino racer ever born," says Wacky.

Apart from sports, Wacky also has her exploits in business. At 21, she already manages four companies. She is the general manager of the family-owned Irma Ice Plant group in Navotas; the vice-president of Irma Fishing and Trading Inc.; and the owner of R6 Construction Supplies and Del Rocket Racing.

Calling herself hardworking, Wacky says she spends her money to be able to get around with her sports. "That's why I work hard," she says.

At present, Wacky plans to finish her studies at the University of Northern Washington. She also intends to try other sports, which are not in her present list. She has a lot of other plans, but these do not include relationship and marriage at the moment. "I'm married to myself," she says. But she is not totally discounting the idea at all. She says she would probably enter into a relationship "if ever I fall for someone who can put up with me, someone who can share all the fun with me, and be happy."

Wacky describes herself as a simple girl who enjoys the things around her. "I'm psyched at almost anything. I wake up in the morning and I'm stoked already. It's like whoa! I thank God for every single day. I'm just as happy winning a trophy as eating sour sticks at night," she says.

At the same time, Wacky has a tender opinion about happiness. She says she finds happiness in making people happy. Seeing my little brother Paul (back-to-back Jest Sports Rider of the Year) happy makes me very happy.

If there is one thing she would like to say to Filipino kids looking for adventure, it is to avoid drugs. "I have been there before, so I know. Take it from someone who knows. Don't do drugs," she says.

Wacky says there is much more to life than drugs. "Life to me is something we must really live in. It's real, baby. Everyday should be spent doing something that should make a difference. Live it," says Wacky.

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