Smart offers budget mobile Internet plans

Sandvine, a leading provider of intelligent broadband network solutions for fixed and mobile operators said Smart Communications is using Sandvine's Network Policy Control solutions to support PowerApp – the world's first mobile Internet store – which allows users to purchase "bite-sized", application-specific, mobile service plans to fit their particular preferences and needs.

PowerApp, developed by Smart Communications' technology partner, Chikka Philippines, communicates with the data network to enable applications to dispense mobile data on demand, at precise speeds and bandwidths for highly valued services. 

Integrated with Sandvine's Usage Management solution, PowerApp offers users service plans, such as Email, Chat, Photo and Social packages, in 15-minute, 3-hour or per-day unlimited access, depending on the particular application and plan, for an incredibly low fixed price. The packages provide "always-on" access to top apps anywhere, without the need for a Wi-Fi connection.

"In the Philippines, nearly 95 percent of subscribers are on pre-paid or pay-as-you-go plans. PowerApp represents an affordable model that makes sustainable economic sense for consumers and for telcos, which are able to distribute data more efficiently and profitably across all customer segments," said Michele Curran , Data and International Services Head at Smart Communications. 

"With the perspective of emerging markets, Chikka together with Sandvine helped rationalize the mobile data business for Smart Communications, and together we are helping lead the worldwide race to connect the unconnected."

PowerApp was launched in December 2013 and already millions of Smart subscribers have adopted plans.

"Sandvine's Usage Management solution enabled us to create innovative service plans that are highly-valued by our customers, so they can keep posting, liking and tweeting everywhere they go, making the experience truly mobile," added Curran.

"To meet the needs of this emerging market segment, Smart Communications needed to quickly create new, innovative, app-like mobile data plans that offered access to highly-valued applications in affordable, bite-sized increments," said Tom Donnelly , co-founder and COO, Sales and Global Services. "Sandvine's Usage Management product offers the flexibility, ease-of-deployment and time-to-market advantages that rigid incumbent solutions, which rely heavily on custom professional services, could never deliver."

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