Seven types of Yahoo! articles no one should read

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Yahoo! has come a long way, from just a simple email platform, to a media conglomerate that carries all types of news and articles, from around the world, about anything.
Yahoo! is fast and beats other media entities in breaking news. It carries legitimate news wires such as Reuters, AP and AFP. It also carries gossips, hearsays, fiction and lies.
The thing is not all articles that appear on Yahoo! should be read, as many of them are propaganda designed to endorse one brand, or to put down another.
Below are the seven types of articles that Yahoo! visitors should avoid reading to save their time and escape the feeling of being duped by a writer.

1. Fitness tips that keep contradicting other tips. Yahoo! publishes a lot of articles on fitness, like how to get those sculpted abs in one week, or in one month, or in four months.  Writers of these articles keep on debating Whether it is walking, or jogging, or running that is most effective in reducing weight.  One day, an article says it is walking, the next day, it will be jogging, and on another, running.  If this debate is endless, imagine the discussion on other issues.

2. Best tourist destinations.  Yes, Yahoo! will endorse tourist destinations in your face, and you cannot do anything to challenge it, like posting on the comment section, which will only make the article more popular.

3. Worst tourist destinations.  Yahoo! has the guts to make a list of the world's most overrated cities or tourist destinations, based on random interviews, or perhaps on the perception of one writer who has never seen an airport.

4. Biased news articles.  They are published simply to get attention. These controversial pieces are so divisive they get a lot of comments from netizens, which encourages Yahoo! to publish more of such type.

5. Humiliating experience.  Yes, Yahoo! makes the world notice how an athlete fumble a game or a movie celebrity snob a child.

6. Worst dress.  Yahoo! will tell you outright who is the worst dressed celebrity in an awards night.  It will also tell you who is the best dressed, and you have no choice but to agree.

7. Best cars of the year.  Yahoo! has the power to come up with a list, based on others' lists in fact, like the best cars or the worst cars, as if they own the automotive market in the world.

It is just an initial list of the most often criticized Yahoo! articles that leave readers perplexed everyday.  We hope that this list will make Yahoo! realize the power it has on millions of readers, who now turn to the portal for information.


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