No Forward Delete Key in iOS7 Touchscreen

It took me hours to download the iOS7, the latest operating software for iPhone.  The excitement, however, quickly dissipated after I ran the iOS7 and found out that the keypad for text messages was the same as iOS6.

No matter how hard some people convince me that a forward delete key is not important, I always end up being annoyed by the absence of that simple key, while typing a text message, an email or a note on my iPhone.

I thought that iOS7 will resolve the problem by revamping the touchscreen keyboard of iPhone and including the forward delete key.  At the moment, it only has a backspace, which means you have to start deleting from the last part of the sentence in order to remove just one word.

Although you can click on a word, the cursor always falls in the wrong place, forcing you to remove words that should not be touched in the first place.  Sometimes, you end up deleting a whole sentence, a paragraph even, just to correct a spelling of a word.

Instead of engaging its users about the importance of forward delete key, we suggest that Apple consider the convenience of iPhone users, who might not be accustomed to the Apple Mac keyboard, and give in to their simple request of including a forward delete key.

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