Mindanao Faces Power Shortage

Mindanao will likely face another round of daily rotating brownouts in the coming months, as some power plants shut down for scheduled repair and maintenance, according to the government's Mindanao Development Authority (MinDa).

“After seeing capacity improvements in recent months, Mindanao’s power supply is expected to revert to precarious supply scenario by August to October, when some major power plants go on scheduled maintenance shutdown,” MinDa director for investment promotion and public affairs Romeo Montenegro was quoted as saying.

Mindanao experienced rotating power outages during the summer months, lasting up to 10 hours, depending on the area.

STEAG State Power Inc., a German energy company, shut down its 105-megawatt power plant in Mindanao for a maintenance repair that will last until 14th August 2013.

STEAG said another 105-MW unit would be on maintenance shutdown from 21st September to 27th October 2013.  STEAG power plants are considered the biggest in Mindanao on a per unit capacity, accounting for a fifth of the island’s electric generation mix.   The shutdown of the STEAG plants is seen to aggravate the power shortfall in Mindanao,

STEAG State Power Inc. plant manager Carsten Evers said in a statement that the preventive maintenance works need to be carried out to ensure efficiency and reliability of the two power generating units.   The company said the maintenance shutdown was coordinated closely with the state-owned National Power Corp. and grid operator National Grid Corp. of the Philippines. 

Mindanao has a power requirement of about 1,200 megawatts (MW), but existing supply is less than 1,000 MW.  Excess power supply in Luzon and the Visayas cannot be brought to Mindanao, because it is not connected to the power transmission rid.


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