Fujitsu promotes energy-efficient servers

Fujitsu servers

Fujitsu Philippines, an IT systems integrator and solutions provider, says that it is high-time for businesses to use energy efficient servers in a bid to lessen its negative implications to the environment.

In a global perspective, the amount of energy consumed by the world’s data centers, which utilize energy-hungry servers, increased in the last couple of years. A recent report released by the research firm Statista revealed that data centers and on-site IT infrastructures consumed 21 percent of the global electricity consumption of the IT sector last year—a six percent increase from 2012.

These data call on businesses to put serious attention to cutting off electricity consumption. Fujitsu Philippines president and CEO Raul “Cricket” Santiago said one way of doing so is to use energy-efficient servers as it can bring a great deal of contribution, especially in containing the effects of global warming.

“The ICT industry remains as one of the main contributors to global warming. Fujitsu understands that by introducing products manufactured with components aimed at minimum power consumption, we are helping reduce the carbon dioxide emitted by our clients’ IT infrastructures,” said Santiago.

Fujitsu is known to offer this type of servers, the Fujitsu Server Primergy, which are optimized to provide the best energy efficiency. With the purpose of providing minimum power consumption, this set of servers are developed and manufactured in Germany using highly-efficient components, sophisticated cooling technology, and top-quality power management tools—while, simultaneously, giving the best compute performance.

Aside from its benefits to the environment, energy-efficient servers, like Fujitsu Primergy, can also help reduce operating costs significantly. “For most data centers, air-conditioning alone consumes a hefty percent of the budget. But, it will not be the same if the servers support a wide range of temperatures and the risk of heat-related downtimes,” said Santiago.

Fujitsu Primergy is equipped with Cool-safe Advanced Thermal Design, so that the air-conditioning units can adjust to the temperature needs of the data center. Fujitsu is also looking to improve further the cooling of data centers through Cool-safe Liquid Cooling Technology, which combines several approaches like consolidation and virtualization.

“At Fujitsu, we continue to prove how serious we are in following our mission of pushing for a Greener ICT. Our Fujitsu Sever Primergy systems are one of our ways to achieving this drive. We’ve also continually optimized our other servers for virtualization and cloud environments over several generations,” said Santiago.

Aside from Fujitsu Sever Primergy, the company invested on small efforts, such as bringing together small energy efficient technologies, as well as monumental ones, like defining its own stringent rules to eliminate hazardous products. It also initiated policies on the reduction of electrical, gas, and oil consumption and the adoption of power-saving and energy-efficient technologies.

02 July 2018


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