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Here are seven Valentine text greetings that are fresh and new, that discuss love, heartache and reunion for the sake of celebrating Valentine's Day.

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A collection of Valentines messages and love quotes

Valentines Quotes

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Feelings are many but words are few, clouds are dark but sky is blue; Love is a paper, life is glue, every thing is false, only My Love is TRUE. My dearest Valentine.

1000 words 1 cud say. 1000 wishes 1 cud pray. 1000 miles legs cud walk.1000 sounds a mouth cud talk.1000 times ill b true. 1000 ways 2 say i luv u! Happy Valentines Day.

love is feeling, can you feel it? love is truth, can you face it? love is mystery, can you solve it? love is gorgeous, have you seen it? love is believing, believe me, because I love you.

When time comes for u to give ur heart to someone, make sure u select someone who will never break ur heart, cuz broken hearts don't have spare parts.

Love can be expressed in many ways. One way I know is to send it across the distance to the person who is reading this. Happy Valentine's Day.

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