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Services: Our team of web professionals has a rich working experience in the areas of research, journalism, photography, web design, website ad campaign, web content development, tourism promotion and book publishing. As freelancers, we offer our services to build, design or promote websites, do research about the Philippines or take photographs of amazing places, exotic animals or interesting events in this wonderful country for your personal pleasure, academic project or business use.

Internet Advertisement: This popular website, which attracts thousands of visitors per day, can help promote your own sites, products or services to a particular segment of people: Internet savvy, middle class, and mostly professional. We have tailored different web ad modules that can meet your promotion needs through the world wide web.

Web Design: While our team has been designing websites for a number of large organizations, we would welcome individuals who would like to have their own personal sites built, developed and promoted for as low as P1,000.

Research: Our team can help you discover a wealth of data and interesting information about the Philippines, its people and economy, natural wonders, endemic animals, and tourist destinations.

Digital Photography: If you are living and working away from the Philippines and would like to keep images of the Philippines and its tourist spots for reminiscing, we can help you do just that. We can take photographs of places, endemic animals, interesting events or even family or relatives at your own preference, which we will send you via email. Visit our photo section for sample images.

Contact: To avail of our website design and advertisement services, please send an email to For our research and photography services, send an email to

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