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Life Quotes

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Sometimes, we realize that we are just a speck in the universe.  Sometimes, we realize that the universe is just a speck in our mind.
Happiness is what people always seek.  They try to find it in things, positions, wealth and places.  But true happiness is only found in the contentment of our hearts.
Life is not measured by the breaths we take but the moments that take our breath away...:-) good morning everyone.
If one smile can brighten someone's day.  Imagine how bright the world would be, if we all smile.  
Being happy is a matter of choice.  And I choose to be with you.  That makes me truly happy.

Best Short Quotes

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Popular Filipino Quotations

We cannot escape from loving one another. - Imelda Marcos, September 1973

Nobody can say how he shall die, but everybody must decide how and for what he shall live.
Jose Rizal

Anyone can make a living. The supreme duty of every man is to make a life!

Seek not from government what you cannot find in yourself.
Ferdinand Marcos

If by rebellion you mean to hope and to desire, to labor and struggle by every peaceful means for the liberties of my country, and if for that you demand the penalty of death, then gladly, willingly shall I die.
Jose Rizal, 1896

Inspiring SMS

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May the love of God always shine in your life, as you become a light for others. Have a pleasant day. God bless.

Like the rain can't be stopped from falling, God's love and blessing keep on pouring. I hope you woke up renewed and refreshed and comforted by His company.

New day, new blessings. Don't let yesterday's failures ruin the beauty of today. Blessings of God are new every morning. Today has its own promise of love, forgiveness, joy and success.

As the sky breaks into a beautiful sunrise, may God open the heavens to shower you lots of love and happiness to make your day a meaningful one. Good Morning!

Prayer seeks for wisdom, not simply answers. It looks for courage, not simply help. It seeks for the gift of persistence, not only quick solutions. God bless you.

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