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Gratis SMS

Gratis text messages

Grateful Text Messages

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Grateful text messagesHere is a collection of grateful text messages which convey our appreciation and thankfulness to people who have enriched our lives.

You're giving, I'm accepting. You're helping, I'm welcoming. You care, and I know you do.  Friend, you're so thoughtful, and I am grateful.  

Kindness makes the world peaceful.  Love makes life colorful.  Gratitude makes kindness and love meaningful.

Gratis SMS

Average: 3 (5 votes)

Smiling even in pressure is not pretending. It's a sign of strength from GOD that enables us to go on inspite of everything.  It makes us appreciate the company of each other along the way.  Thank you for tagging along and making the trip wonderful:D.

There are times when Prayer is the oNLy gift we cAn give to the pers0n we cAre f0r, so i do Pray to GOD to take cAre of y0u every m0ment of y0ur life"

There is no perfect life but we can fill it with perfect moments. Thank you for sharing these perfect moments with me!

trials r nOt risOns 2 giv'up buT a chalLenge 2 imprOv oursElves, nOt an excuse 2 back'OuT buT an inspiratiOn 2 mOv 4ward .. morning KEep safe!

Trusting God won’t make the mountain smaller but it will make climbing easier.Hope you will be able to climb all your mountains always. Take care.

It's difficult to walk backwards because our feet are meant to make us move forward. Life is always better if we see what's ahead than look at what's left behind. Forget bad past - bitterness, grudges, hatred, and pain. Move on. Forgive. Love. Smile. Pray. ;)

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